Who We Are

Here, at the Bulletproof Husband™, Endre and John are committed to empowering men just like you to be the most powerful version of themselves - the man they have always wanted to be.

What Does That Look Like?

To be in full control of your life, living out your passion with your family while holding a masculine environment unencumbered by your emotions and without a single doubt about yourself as a man. A life where your wife looks at you with unconditional love and acceptance and you are so on top of the world that you can conquer anything you think about... that's what that looks like!

A life where your family, career and community are flourishing because they get to receive all the gift you possess because you will have removed all barriers that are in your way FAST and ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Contradictory to common belief about marriage and life, Endre and John has turned the process to transforming your life and marriage into a science with the tools and guidance that is laid out, step-by-step in a systematized structure which you can logically understand and implement FAST in your life.

Our Team's Credibility

  • 60+ years of combined marriage experience (John + Endre + External Team Members)
  • 2,000+ marriages directly impacted over a combined 50+ years working with men (John + Endre + External Team Members)

About Us

Endre Endre Gabori Partner Endre created The Bulletproof Husband™ (TBH) after witnessing dozens of men lose their marriage time and time again because they did not have the sufficient resources or tools to keep it together. Endre also noticed, that men had a difficult time reaching out and asking for help. Now this is over, because The Bulletproof Husband™ now will provide the tools and resources to get the masculine and simple guidance needed with its ever growing assets for husbands. The TBH community will help men better understand their partner, will bring simple yet effective systems enabling men to perform at a higher level in all areas of their life.
John John Scannell Partner John is a son, a brother, a husband, a father and a man who is committed to helping men live powerful lives. John has a decade of marriage experience, and within that decade he has experienced the pain of divorce, the frustration of "How did I end up here?" John has learned the necessary tools to create and be successful in a strong marriage, to be a strong father to his son and to be a strong man in his life. He has helped hundreds of men to do the same.